Sunday, June 11, 2006

Page 3 culture invades electonic media: Cheap item girls entrance media

Rakhi Sawant's kisses and then singer Mika's smooch was the hottest story on Sunday in this nation of 105 crore populace. How cheap that publicity-hungry girl looked and still our media was so enchanted with her!

Till a few years back the newspapers were blamed for P 3 culture. Today when the channels were competing with each other in making a Rakhi Package with obscene catchlines (words like chummi were used), one had a fair idea where the P 3 culture of Electronic Media would take us.

Item girls like Meghna Naidu, Sambhavna, Twinkle Vajpayee, Rakhi Savant are almost becoming new age idols for the youths of this country--at least that's what Ajtak, Star and company would want us. I am not generalising, item girls have the right to earn but Rakhi Savant has been exploiting the hunger of media for stories and sensationalism.

And the channels are now caught in a self-created trap that they can't even get out of it--as if they wouldn't show it, the rival channel will showcase the entire drama-naked or semi-naked no one cares. Blur it slightly and show it to the world. And it may be one kiss, but Ajtak would show it in repeat mode so that it would look like a barrage of kisses.


Anonymous said...

This new trend of Hindi News Channels is very disturbing. Now we cant even watch news with kids around. This is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

One more blog sounds like yours..

Anonymous said...

Rakhi is doing nothing but only trying to get the publicity through these type of actions.
Just see first she gave a kiss on mikka chick.. then only mikka got the courge to kiss her.

its only public otherwise i am damn sure many times she would have been kissed by many..

tab rakhi ki sharam haya kahan gaye thi.. koi batai

rqajll said...

she is hoker if u want to fuck her pay rs 500 u will have her for one hour for the night 5000

Conscience---"Isnt that rare" said...

But her shows are a hit.Who goes to watch them?

श्रेयार्चन said...

hey, i want to correct you... Twinkle Vajpai is not n item girl. she is a very good singer n t.v. actress.

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