Monday, January 14, 2008

Zee News 'discovers' Ravana's body, traces of Ram, Sita and Hanuman

The TRP ratings of Zee News was soaring on Monday as it discovered the cave on an 8,000 ft high hill in Sri Lanka where they claimed that Ravana's body was kept in a casket (taboot).

The 'investigative report' went ahead with discoveries like the burnt soil at Raigla because Lord Hanuman had set ablaze Lanka when his tail was burnt. The channel's reporters also reached the place where the air-crafts (vimaan) of Ravana were made and repaired.

And if that is not all. This so-called news channel found the 'golis' (balls) that were thrown by Sita when Ravana had abducted her, to send message to Lord Rama. Though there was no casket or Ravana's body, the channel managed to find some guys, one of whom, said that he went into the cave and there was a red coloured 17-18 ft long Tabut where the Ravana was kept inside and it is guraded by Asuras.

After blending mythology with news and spicing up with sceneries of Sri Lanka, the news channel ended it up saying that it was impossible to reach the top of hill because the 'local say that certain powers don't want people to get there and the body was kept because Asuras believed that with Sanjeevani booti, he could also come back to life from death".

That's awesome. Isn't it. Yes, we were watching Zee news, not Bhakti or Astha. There was something missing though. The ten heads of Ravana were not shown. May be in the next part we will find ten mounds on the hill and the channel can claim that these mounds are because of the 10 heads of Ravana that lay buried underneath.

We all know the truth but then we are all so religious and full of devotion. I would love to believe this. Just that I wished it was not shown on prime time in News channel. That's total fraud in the name of journalism. Though I stand by your right to watch it, believe every word of it and yes go to Lanka and support their tourism sector.

Wah bhai Subhas Chandra Ji. Dhanya hain aap.

If you like to read the 'Mil Gaye Ram' special story and photos. Read it at Zee News site here.


Anonymous said...

How can one just stoop so low? I am sure they know nothing about the Ramayana and Ram. It is just to increase their TRP Ratings and ensure more viewership they are upto all these tricks. When talking about the 'golis' (balls) that were thrown by Sita when Ravana had abducted her, the so called researcher who was in SriLanka (the short guy) said that these balls have been 'carbon copy' tested in a lab in Japan and it is proved that they are 10,000 years old... Hey, what the heck is 'carbon copy' testing man???? And if the golis are 10,000 years old, then Ram should still be ruling since the Puranas mention that he ruled for 10,000 years and another mentions 11,000 years. but we have heard nothing about Ram's rule from the past 3,000 or 4,000 years. What a harakiri these ZeeNews guys have committed! And they keep mentioning that theSriLankan government has confirmed. All they did was interview one person from Srilanka and that too think they never mentioned his designation in the SriLankan Government... What a fraud and a feeble effort to prove the authenticity of the Ramayana!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. My understanding was that the Ramayana is supposed to have happened in the Tredha Yuga which is 1.7Million Years ago. Even the Ram setu is supposed to be that old. Then how can 10 Thousand year old "Golis" be thrown by Sita.???

It is sickening the way these media channels are trying to gain TRPs at any cost. I understanding agressive journalism. But please dont insult our intelligence.

Suraj Prakash Shukla said...

As being a Hindi I believe the Ramayana was not just a Great Story (Maha kavya), There must be Ram, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana etc. but the facts proofs and investigation shown by the Zee News is totally fraud. There are so many resions to refuse it few of them are as below.

1) it is clearly proved by the Archeologists and Historians that Ramayana Period is 2000 to 1500 B.C. that means 3500 to 4000 years ago. If Archeologist and Historians are right then how can this story be linked with the balls (Golies) which are 10000 years old.
2) 4000 years old burnt soil and balls can not be find with out a deep digging.
3) According to Ramayana and other books When Ravana abducted Sita, she had thrown her jewelries for Sri Ram to trace out the way not the balls (Gollies).
4) No other channel has confirmed about this news, and even there is no such declaration by the Sri Lankan Govt.

This is a fraud and smart way to increase the TRP of the Channel and in future Srilankan Govt. may also be a part of this game to cash the opportunity to promote the tourism, but by this these people are hurting the beliefs of the millions of Hindus.

Suraj Prakash Shukla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

:-) trp rating or prime time stuff, i think we can take an easy path--- ignore ZEE not think hard on these petty stuff ...

Anonymous said...

Zee News has shown all the facts without stating any facts !! they just interviewed some people wihtout telling there authenticity...It was just to increase there trps!!

Anonymous said...

its really sad that we all say its okay to increase TRPS by such ridiculous acts of Journalism.Is this a place where Hinduism has reached where we all can crack up on our religion and culture.Wonder if this is the kind of information regarding Hinduism that we want to leave behind for the generations to come ahead!Protecting and educating our faith in a believable,true manner is the only means to keeping the religion going for years ahead friends.

Anonymous said...

Why is BJP or SHIV SENA not making an issue regarding these fake stories disregarding faith and religion or did it have to have been a MUSLIM JOURNALIST or NEWS CHANNEL to have telecasted this for them to have created havoc...
Hallabol or kuch na bol nahi to maar denge' yeh faltoo ke politicians humko!!!!!And then we say progressive India???Progressive upper class thats all and ZEETV you are a sheer disgrace..fear GOD!!

Anonymous said...

Zee TV is the pinnacle if journalistic integrity - NOT - SCHMUCKS

Unknown said...

Well too early to comment. But one thing is for sure that the previous era men were of great height measured in that times in "DHANUSH's" The find is interesting.

But the thing that takes cake is that the very next day the story disappeared on the channel like HORNS OF DONKEY.

Also why blame ZEE TV ....even IBN CNN "FOUND" the STEP thru which YUDHISTAR went to heaven !!!!

Keep Enjoying least something different. Some Movie Director produced a movie in which Karna's Kavach was found by Jackie Shroff and Sunny and Vivek Ghabrai...heheeh Oberoi do the needful.

What say...

Anonymous said...

i liked the story,and im just waiting to see ravan in the coffin,dont knw when they will be able to go there.hope they dont place any skeleton and say this is ravan.god only know what is the truth

Unknown said...

Just few min back i tried to post contratictary view on each of d claim posted on ZEE NEWS WEBSITE. Guess! wat?? it did not displayed my comment though d msg appeared "THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR COMMENT" ... see how sure is ZEE about its "itihass badalne wali news" dont know whether dese Zee, BJP,RSS want to take us in Harrappan time period to cook in copper utensil n wear banana leaves while dey wear DHOTI ha ha

Aj said...

Children, Media & Advertising!

Ravana's body has been found or not is still a mystery. The seacrh is on for definite evidence.

However Sri Lankan Tourism has identified some 50 sites associated with the epic Ramayana and many tour operators are enchasing on these through sightseeing tours to rediscover this Trail of Ramayana to attract tourists from India and other parts of the world.

We all love watching Ramayana on Television

For many, this is an epic, but the fact remains that Ramayana is a part Indian Culture.

We all have seen the following commercials of Ramayana.

First - Two boys complaining and accusing each other-
Kutta Kamina, Kanpati Par Doonga, Chup Kar Kamine“!

Then - A girl saying to the next door neighbor -
“Bhag gayi hogi kisi ke saath”. “Mujhe to pahle se hi shak tha”, “Garam Khoon Hai Na, Kahan Jaayegi Kalmuhi”!, “Subah Tak AA Jayegi“..

And of course - the latest melody from a boy -
“E Ganpat chal daru la. Are Sada thoda kam soda thoda pani mila.
Thoda table par bacha, thoda de na“!

Translated in English it says -
Hey Ganpat make me a drink with little soda. Leave some on the table and get me some now.
Well Crafted, Well Crafted!

Television advertising has been an established form of advertising and it reaches children too. In some countries there are laws which say

“A commercial with advertising that is broadcasted during commercial breaks on television must not have the purpose of attracting the attention of children less than 12 years of age.”

It is ironic or rather unfortunate that here children are in lead roles.

In India also there are certain codes of ethics for commercial broadcasting, issued by the advertising council of India, especially when it involves children.

Indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive or offensive themes or treatment has to be avoided in all forms of advertisement.

Media should not make it such a melodrama when the same thing can be put forward in a better way.
But why to blame only the media?

We all are responsible, especially parents who allow their children to do so.

We dont realise, the damage we are causing to our children, and we they do understand this, they have no right to pass on this to the teachers and society.

There is nothing great, the parents should feel about it.

We all have to think before it is too late.

Kill_me.Creations said...

i had visited the same place, i saw a cave and a huge tomb, maybe that mummy tomb is of kumbkaran and not ravan, i say this because that tomb is almost 15 feet tall lying under the huge rocks. when we talk about that golis, i wanted to tell you guys that every era lasts for 5000 years and not more then that. in geeta even Sri krishna had said that teh age of kalyug is 5000 years. we had already crosed 3000 years now its only 2000 years left for kalyug to get vanish. so 3000 years back it was dwaparyug the era of krishna and 5000 years back it was traitayug the era of ram. it proofs that ramayan is 10000 years old and not more. so whats wrong in accepting the fact of 10000 years old gollis. now when we talk about the place burnt by hanuman can be still seen with the proof of black colour burnt mud found on the top of that place. I believe every thing is not easy for normal human being to understand about god. may be thats why we all are debeting on this topic...

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