Sunday, September 09, 2007

Live India's sex scandal 'sting' & how CNN-IBN was saved

News channel Live India, has suffered a big blow to its reputation with the 'sting' of a Daryaganj school teacher (Delhi) involved in an allegd sex scandal.

But Rajdeep Sardesai must thank his stars as the journalist who planned the sting was earlier with CNN-IBN and the channel had decided to telecast it on Teacher's Day. Some sceptic guy were not convinced with the story and told the reporter Prakash Singh that he needed to explain a few more things about the operation.

The guy got left the channel and joined Live India, which foolishly aired the sting operation leading to outrage, mob violence and the teacher (Uma Khuarana's) dismissal. A fabricated sting has put the entire electronic media in the dock. Another wannabe journalist Rashmi Singh's role in the sting operation is under investigation. See the Indian Express story here and here.

Now Sudhir Chaudhary is saying that the reporter kept the channel in the dark. He had only recently left India TV to head Live India (formerly Janmat). What about the editorial skills of your editors. Poor Choudhary can't be expected to deliver better, after all, he is graduated from India TV school of journalism.


Anonymous said...

Why blame only Live India? What about those channels who published the story with such enthsiasm without even acknowleging LIVEINDIA? People hardly know about this new channel! What about those "leading" channels who broadcast this story ad-nauseum? No one talks about these channels. Is it because they are powerful?Purchase of stolen articles is also a crime under IPC!

Anonymous said...

Fake sting operation against Uma kuhrana it’s major set back for future string operations. It’s really disgusting! Channel promotes themselves they are more responsible about the news compare to the other channel & they claims that they see always other side of the news which no one tries to know.
So this fault can be offend able. Just this fault could be take one’s life as manhandled her. If she would have not protected by the law, mob would have been bitten her till death as in the news we learned two cases in Bihar. News has struck the people & people blindly believe the new channels & News channel is completely responsible for their reaction.
First itself sting operations are unlawful & moreover this type of fake sting operations takes place then their will be more opportunities to the criminals & politicians hide behind simply saying sting operation was fake & there was a conspiracy against them, if they are really culprit.
News channel must be a honest to the news. Sting operation was aired continuously for two days & then there after many changes had took place Uma kuhrana got bail & Reporteer is behind the bars no updated news at all???????????? No fault declaration is admitted as we see the same news regarding on other the channel. Why the people watch the news channel which has no complies ethical to maintain the news channel.
Make sure more True sting operations must be continue & fear has to be restored again amongst commiting illegal behavior. crime

Unknown said...

Action Against Live India News channel
New Delhi, September 07, 2007. Rajesh Chopra
This is to the bring to public notice that the infringement on the part of News Channel Live India to use and propagate the name of ‘Live India’ which happens to be the name legally acquired and used for my various online businesses.
I, Rajesh Chopra, have been using this name since 1998 to propagate my portal Live and to my utter shock, the TV News Channel by the same name cropped up recently with irresponsible journalism as it's forte. With more than Ten lakh hits, this popular portal has been disseminating comprehensive knowledge to it's viewers all around the world for last ten years.

After toiling and painstakingly putting in years of hard work in creating a name for the portal, I find that the News channel has unscrupulously used this name “Live India’ for their own business interests. More so, when this News Channel has fabricated a false sting operation and used inappropriate means to gain an instant publicity; which in turn has tarnished my company's name, caused me and my family tremendous harassment and also enraged the viewers of the portal.

It is henceforth brought to the notice of whomsoever it may concern, that Live has been registered as a trademark with The Govt. Of India's Department of Registration of Trade Marks since February12, 1998 and bears the registration no. 01403086.
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The viewers and the users of Live are hereby informed to continue their love, interest and support for the site, as stands vindicated of any confusion or charges, arising out of this misrepresentation.
Rajesh Chopra
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Unknown said...

Is Sting operations Justified?
Sept. 20. 2007. Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.Com
Is the fourth foot to our existing democracy called 'media' in turmoil today because of the neglect of one news channel? The entire media is being questioned today and has been forced to be answerable to the law. Is this commending step for our country’s future?

Indian media has played a critical role for stirring up the conscience of the people, and bringing forth evil in the society. Media has achieved great heights with the latest technology and it has become a cardinal part in the lives of everyone. Today the absence of media in our lives is something next to impossible. The presence of media in our society assures us of justice in every way. A common man can distrust government but not the media. And hence any finger raised over media puts a question over our democracy too.

The IB ministry today is exercising ceaseless efforts to somehow apprehend control over the media. If these efforts are achieved then it will be a great setback for the society since the success of sting operations in disclosing the truth is indispensable. Sting operations can only check corruption.

The sting operations revealed the truth about the corrupt politicians who are idols to people today. It even acquainted us regarding craving of big bureaucrats for more and more money. The truth about existing two facet policemen has been disclosed several times.

But are these sting operations a remedy to the social malaise of corruption? Corruption is so much entrenched in the livelihoods of every man today that now it has become an inevitable part and we have become oblivious to its presence.
But to stress, sting operations have certainly created a fear among the people. A wave of fear certainly runs down the conscience of a policeman or any common person before taking bribe. This is the reason as to why efforts are being made to confine sting operations. These people fear such operations as they may put an end to their 'under table income'.

Along with this, I would even emphasize on the responsibility borne by the news channels. In Usha khuranas case, the argument given by the news channels that it was a mistake by their reporter is not justified.
Just a simple statement in no means ends the culpability of the news channel. News channels today try to make highlights out of clumsy happenings. A politician dancing in a party becomes a highlight. Is any politician deprived with such rights of dancing? Is it a crime? Similarly policemen watching bargirl's dance is also brought into limelight. If on the contrary there had been film stars performing then would it be a crime? The dances in the reputed award functions are no less then these dances and the people from all societies are present there. When these functions have been accepted by the society then why do these small functions come into limelight to such an extent?

The media once needs to restructure itself the way it was because somewhere seeing the success of such operations it has itself come on a wrong track. The news channels should take the whole sole charge of eliminating corruption and regaining the trust of a common man in its working and effectiveness. And our duty lies in enforcing the independence of media in every possible way and to support media even in times of adversity.

Anonymous said...

everyone tries to get the small fish.we talk of sting op can ever be without entrappment.what matters is the intention of the person.nothing is ever totally black or white.what sting operations do is reveal the grey.police officers are caught taking bribes, and the court orders action.uma khurana being a teacher, delivers a prostitute for a promise of 4000, and she is set free.a murder is a murder even if committed the first time.

Anonymous said...

and what about the salman khan aishwarya rai tapes on so many channels which were found doctored by the legal authority????and the doctor who was framed by IBN 7 and later found innocent by all the authorities????At least the initial part of the tapes in this case were not staged.Uma Khurana had full knowledge that she was deliverin a prostitute to a client for monetary consideration, passing her off as a school girl. What about the intent of a school teacher????Comments should be made only after seeing the tapes, which i'm sure only a few learned men saw.

tanyaa said...

Its been nearly 12 hours since the BJP announced its boycott of CNN-IBN, but the channel it appears lacks the intellectual courage to even acknowledge the boycott for its news value. But then we the consumers of news were foolish to believe that CNN-IBN was about Us. We just have to look at the vision statement expressed by Rajdeep Sardesai to realize that this was never about Us the consumers but always about them the Jholawallahs or as Rajdeep puts it in typical psuedo-intellecual fashion - “editorial sovereignity”.
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Anonymous said...

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