Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ABP News channel's blunder on Iqbal: Wrongly says the poet had migrated to Pakistan

One of the prominent Hindi TV channels of the country, ABP News, said that poet Iqbal had migrated to Pakistan.

Iqbal was born in undivided India and died in 1938. He had died nine years before partition.

And, there is no question of Iqbal leaving his country or even region. The bloomer caught the attention of large number of viewers.

Later, anchor Abhisar Sharma, expressed regret, about the mistake. However, even the mistake has not been acknowledged properly.

The channel mentioned that, 'During debate we said that Iqbal had left India to go to Pakistan, which is factually not correct....'.

But, before expressing regret, Abhisar Sharma said, "What we said had symbolic meaning. Iqbal is now a symbol of Pakistan. Still, if someone is hurt, we express regret".

This is more surprising as Iqbal wrote, Qaumi Tarana, 'Sare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara...'.

Senior journalist Pankaj Srivastava has come down heavily on the channel for the irresponsible 'anchoring'.

"Iqbal was not anticipating a separate country.. Abhisar should have made an effort to find out the reality...he should think how his brain got the 'sanket' (signals) about Iqbal and this get transmitteds through a political radio station. This is not a coincidence'


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Business Standard terms Ashok Singhal a 'Hindu warrior', Indian Express too writes eulogy: Hate-speeches, communal agenda ignored

Business Standard has published an obituary of VHP's former president Ashok Singhal who died on Tuesday.

This obituary is a classic case of how Indian main stream journalism tries to suppress facts and ignores the 'crimes' of Hindutva hardliners. 

This obituary titled, 'Hindutva warrior Ashok Singhal passes away', written by Archis Mohan never mentions for once the hate speeches by Singhal that vitiated communal atmosphere in India.

Neither does Mohan wrote a word about VHP getting banned after December 6, 1992 and about the case against Singhal in Babri Masjid demolition. As part of the first batch of Hindutva proponents, Singhal was an extremist who instilled persecution complex among the majority community. 

The communal hatred which Singhal and his contemporaries spread, did incalculable harm to India, and affects its secular fabric. Perhaps, journalists whose hearts beats for Hindu rashtra, can write such an obituary that completely ignores Singhal's follies and his attempt to divide India on communal lines. 

But Business Standard is not alone, other papers too ignored how Singhal had divided Indian public on communal lines and consistently targeted the minorities. Other English papers were equally soft towards Singhal.

Indian Express' Shyamlal Yadav wrote an equally one-sided obituary titled, 'The importance of being Ashok Singhal', and this report too has not a single mention of Singhal's hate speeches and his involvement in demolition of the Babri Masjid.

While Hindi papers mostly carried positive reports, this Business Standard tribute leaves is one of the most interesting cases of how biased and totally one-sided reports can be written in Indian media. Link to the Business Standard obituary.


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