Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Al Jazeera channel gets telecast permission in India

At last, Al Jazeera is all set to for its Indian debut. The government has finally cleared the proposal and the international news channel would be visible in Indian homes soon.

The channel that has revolutionised news media and is credited for creating awareness regarding citizens' rights and democracy in autocratic monarchies of Middle East, rivals the BBC and CNN in terms of its coverage.

Though there is a perception that it is more Arab-centres, the fact is that Al Jazeera has brought competitiveness in reporting and its journalists have shown extraordinary commitment in reporting from war zones and places torn by ethnic/religious/political conflicts.

It also has plans to launch a Urdu version in India to target the 150 million strong Muslim community also.The channel was waiting for a nod from Indian government. After getting the downlinking licence, the channel is ready to go for a marketing blitz.



Let us see, what they do here.

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